Our Vision

We sympathized toward the daily frustrations and discomforts for expatriates on having to work and live in an unfamiliar social environment upon project assignments or relocations. With that said, finding a place to live should not merely be decided upon having nearby locations. But, for a place that serves a sense of seclusion and retreat from an exhaustive scenery. An oasis of serenity amidst the bustling city. The privilege to spend quality time with family in harmonic with conveniences provided in a fully equipped serviced facility.

The possibility of such vision, residing abroad can be a relaxing time rather than deemed stressful.

Our Mission

At The TEPP, we are committed toward being more than an accommodation, but, being a second home for expatriates all around the world. We strive to serve our guests with convenience, cleanliness, and comfortability. We prioritize to serve our guests’ needs, for them to truly share mindful valuable time with loved ones filled with warmth and joyfulness.